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  1. Below are comments from the Vintage Club in Tega Cay 9-28-11 Performance:
    Good Morning Jo and Lea;
    Permit me to relay the feedback that I have gotten since your outstanding presentation at the Vintage Dinner last night. I have just returned from the clubhouse and the Senior Games in which many Vintageers are competing (I and my wife Pat are monitors).
    Everyone has responded so positively to your show! Many of the ladies picked different acts as their favorites. They were especially positive about “I Am Woman”, Elvis and his dance partner, and of course the gospel closer, just to name a few. Most important were the remarks of a few old time members who had “poo-pooed” your group in the past. They readily admitted that this show was the best and were very positive in their remarks.
    Again, Thanks to you and your entire group for doing such a great job and performance.
    Mike Linder

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